All jewels in our unique FAB collection are available in 14 and 18 carat gold, diamond or zircon.



In the boot of Italy the scenic picturesque village Positano covers the mountains. It’s a dream place that looks like someone painted it on a canvas and that breathes holiday feelings. This luxury splash of sunshine and fashion was the inspiration for our N°1 collection. Where the top of the mountains touch the clouds is where our collection came into existence.

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Santa Luzia is hidden in the back of beyond in Portugal. Where the world ends and paradise begins. Overlooking the city of Tavira the most breath-taking monument arises, the Basilica. The majestic shapes and carefully designed drawings brought the idea of this fragile N°2 collection.

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This authentic fishermen’s seaside village in Spain has a beautiful bay that is the home of many anchovy boats with twinkly lanterns. Many wine ranks and a labyrinth of alleys cover the land as the boat masts cover the water in this atmospheric spot. All these straight shapes brought us collection N°3.

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While snorkelling in the coral reefs of this French village in Corsica our eyes fall on the abundant underwater life. The wide range of bright colours and the shimmering of the ocean next to the white beaches are so extraordinary that a colourful collection is a must. Collection N°4 has risen.

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Sitting in the sun, big sunglasses on our nose, our feet in the water and our hands touching the sand we are enjoying the shapes that this island has to offer. The impressive rocks, the blue waves, the architectural bows and curves are just the perfect base for collection N°5.

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When we think of Santorini in Greece, we think of blue houses, glorious sunsets, romantic moments & magical landscapes. The rare natural beauty of the island leaves us breathless. The bright colours and scents of the fresh flowers in front of the houses triggered our imagination and created collection N°6.

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Raw nature, white wine tasting, stunning beaches, luxurious dining, infinity pools, refreshing boat trips, blue skies, turquoise water, craft markets,… A combination whereby gold & diamonds are essentials. You always shine, but even brighter with our collection N°7. Timeless, just for you.

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